What is mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary, impartial, confidential, informal, without-prejudice environment where parties attempt to reach consensus with the aid of a mediator.

The focus is on accommodating the needs and interests of the parties in a private, flexible manner, where parties determine the outcome.

The key benefits of mediation over litigation are that settlement is reached sooner, with less stress and much less cost. Furthermore, mediation allows for various agreements that a Court could not impose, for example a simple apology, or an agreement to rectify the problem.

What services do we provide?

Advisory service

We help claimants, lawyers, doctors and hospitals to understand the mediation process so that they can determine if mediation is a suitable resolution process for them.

Explore mediation for:

Mediation service

We provide a full service when acting directly as mediator for clients

  1. Assist all parties to prepare for the mediation
  2. Conduct the mediation process
  3. Draft the mediation settlement agreement
  4. Follow up after the mediation, as required.

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